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BEGINNERS is an 1-Hour Structured steps for all fitness level to start at Fuel Athletics. Take your time to learn the foundation of fitness and movements at Fuel Athletics. Let us help you build CONSISTENCY in improving your daily lives.

With and easy 3 step class on how to start your fitness journey the best way possiblle


RM180/ Course

This course is Aim to be finished in a week, lets get it rolling

Your journey at fuel starts with 3 classes in a week sctructured




The first Fuel beginners class focuses on basic movement skills, emphasizing proper techniques and safety. Participants learn fundamental exercises, correct form, warm-up and cool-down protocols, and the importance of alignment and breathing. It sets a foundation for safe and effective workouts in the course.

In the second class is where you'll be introduced to technical barbell movements, experience a modified triplet workout, and engage in a relaxed nutrition discussion. Our focus is on creating a safe, comfortable, and coachable community to support your fitness journey and help you achieve your goals.

In the final class, we will wrap up your fitness journey with a bang. Get ready to learn fun and diverse movements that build upon what you've already mastered. We'll finish off with a challenging yet totally doable workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and super confident.



It's a about Safety and being comfortable first.

At your own time, learn the basic lifts.

60 minutes class, start on time and finish on time.

Build a good engine by routines and habits.

No exceptions, everyone starts here.


"Thanks to Fuel Athleticsbeginners class, I've made remarkable progress. The trainers made me feel comfortable, supported, and motivated. I'm equipped with the knowledge and skills to take on any fitness challenge. Highly recommended!"


"The beginners class at Fuel Athletics helped me overcome my fears and dive into fitness. The trainers created a welcoming environment and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. With their support, I've made remarkable progress. This class ignites a fire within you!"


"The beginners class at Fuel Athletics transformed my fitness journey. The instructors were knowledgeable, supportive, and motivating. With their guidance, I gained strength, improved my technique, and surpassed my expectations. This class is a game-changer for kickstarting your fitness goals!"

with over 10 years of experience and thousands of beginners have started here at Fuel Athletics

RM180/ Course

This course is aimed to be finished in a week, lets get it rolling

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